Steve - 5th Dan

Mark - 4th Dan

Mark has trained in a variety of Martial Arts since the mid 1980's. In addition to Iaijutsu he also currently practices Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo and various Aiki Budo

Alan - 3rd Dan

Alan holds strong interest in classical martial arts.  He is currently training in both Iaijutsu and Okinawan Karate.


Michael - 5th Dan
Michael has been training in various martial arts since the late 80's.  He has spent time training in a range of Japanese systems and is currently training in Gensei Ryu Karate and Jujutsu.  Michael joined the Jikyo-Juku school in 2004.

Miguela - 1st Dan
At the grand age of 17 Miguela has already racked up 8 years of hard Karate training and 3 years in Iaijutsu.  She holds a Shodan rank in both Iaijutsu and Nidan in Gensei Ryu Karate.

Mauro - 1st Dan

Mauro is the Head instructor for Gensei Ryu Karate in Australia.  He holds a shodan rank in Muso Jikiden Iaijutsu.